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The Icicle Twist                                                                                        

8 Players


The Cottonwood Trumpet

The year is 1984 in Cottonwood, Colorado and Boris Ivanovitch, research scientist at the Beam Weaponry Research Center, was found dead of a stab wound in the neck yesterday at about 10:45 p.m. on the deck of Michael Maitland's condominium. A party was in progress, and all those present were detained for questioning. Ivanovitch's murder casts suspicion on all of us. Before the inquest, we need to solve the murder ourselves, so that our sordid pasts are not paraded through the press.

The suspects are:

Michael Maitland - As the Director of National Defense, he was combining a business trip with a skiing trip in Cottonwood. Michael is a 38 year old smooth talker, very bright and very handsome.
Costume Suggestion - A classy dresser, he wears a cardigan sweater, turtleneck, dark wool pants and loafers.

Laura Maitland M.D. - She is Michaels' 36 year old sister and is the Chief Police Surgeon in Denver and was invited along as Michaels guest.
Costume Suggestion - Always prepared, she wears her surgical 'scrubs' and stethoscope. Her doctors bag never leaves her sight.

Madison "Madd" Westin - He is 44 years old and has been a long time friend of the Maitlands for over half of that time. As a private investigator, he has the typical undercover personality - quiet and reserved.
Costume Suggestion - He wears a dark trench coat, black brimmed hat and rubber boots.

Samantha "Sam" Westin - She is 'Madds' vivacious young daughter and his assistant. She accompanied him to visit the Maitlands.
Costume Suggestion - She dresses in a mini skirt and brightly coloured silk shirt from the latest fashion designer.

Tiffany Enderly - A 29 year old flight attendant for Star Air Lines, she met Maitland on the plane and he invited her to the party. She is self assured, confident and elegant.
Costume Suggestion - She arrives straight from the airport in her blue and white uniform and classic diamond jewelry.

Roberto Martine - He is the bodyguard to Michael Maitland and always travels with his employer. He is handsome and suave, his 28 year old athletic body is irresistible to women.
Costume Suggestion - Always wears sunglasses, he arrives from the gym in workout clothes that show off his muscular body. No matter what the outfit, he adds gold chains.

Buzzy Reinhardt - He owns the Cottonwood Ski Shop and is well know in town.  Good looking for 32, but a bit flashy.
Costume Suggestion - He dresses in lycra ski pants, ski cap and goggles. His new skis, boots and poles are his constant companions.

Alicia Tomasini - She is a 26 year old jet setter who often visits Cottonwood. Someone whom is beautiful and mysterious, she is a friend of Buzzy and accompanied him to the party.
Costume Suggestion - She wears an eclectic mix of bohemian clothing: patched jeans, a hand-knitted sweater and an exotic glittery scarf.