The Swan and the Peacock


Thank you for inquiring about our Murder Mystery Events.  These evenings are where you and your friends dress up as your appointed/chosen character and throughout  a four course meal, ask questions as directed by the Murder Ala Carte game.  It’s a fun night enjoyed by all that lasts about 4 to 5 hours.

Click on the link below and choose a theme which will then tell you the setting, the characters, their roles and costume suggestions.

Most games are for 6 (to 8) people but some are up to 10 (to 12) people. There are 2 extra characters included with the games but do not need to fill these rolls to play.  Most often, my husband and myself will play the extra characters as they have a non speaking role but will eat and play along (ad-libbing)  with the group and instruct /prompt as needed.

When arranging the murder mystery dinner, with my help, you would decide which guest will be which character.  Invitations will then be mailed out by email or snail mail.  The meal consists of 4 courses starting with appetizers, soup or salad, meat and potato, dessert and coffee. The food is prepared with the theme in mind.  i.e.  Mexican theme is Mexican type food, Italian is pasta etc.  We do not provide alcohol  but you are welcome to bring your own.  We require that you stay overnight so there is no drinking and driving.  Breakfast will be provided in the morning.

As well, during the appetizers, we will take photos of the group, couples, girls, guys, etc.  You can bring your digital camera and then you can copy pictures to a disc (or get them printed in multiple copies)  for the members in your group or we can take pictures the old fashion way with a role of film using my camera and you take the film with you to get processed, again multiple copies for everyone.

The price per meal is $45 per person.  This can vary depending on requests for a special menu such as having a traditional 7 course meal during the Italian theme or having lamb prepared for the French theme. The bed and breakfast prices are listed on this web site under Our Rooms.  The price per person for a Murder Mystery Weekend will depend on room occupancy.

A lot of work goes into planning and preparing for a Murder Mystery Weekend which starts weeks in advance.  Therefore, there will be a $75.00 non-refundable deposit but will be deducted from your bill after the event.  Our cancellation policy is ONE WEEKS’ notice prior to the event.  Failure to cancel before one week from the event shall result in a $75.00 cancellation fee per person for the Murder Mystery dinner and accommodations.  If you have any other questions or would like to book a Murder Mystery Weekend, please call 519-632-5058 or email us.

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